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ArtRage 5 has been out for two weeks and is now up to version 5.0.3. While we’re still hard at work making sure we’ve found all the release bugs and fine tuning things, we wanted to stop and celebrate by putting the Android app on sale on the Play Store for a few days.

The Android app is a lot simpler than the desktop program (because it has to run on phones and tablets), but it still has all the popular traditional media tools and effects, unlimited layers, blend modes, and tool customisation. ArtRage for Android is a powerful painting app in its own right, but it also makes a fantastic companion app to the desktop program. You can transfer your files to your computer to finish working on them later, or record a script of your painting and replay it at a much higher resolution in ArtRage 5, so it’s very useful for beginning a painting while away from your computer without losing quality or access to the desktop version’s more powerful editing tools and PSD support.

We greatly appreciate all the feedback from our users on ArtRage 5, whether it’s praise for our new edition (that’s our favourite kind) or help tracking down bugs (make sure you update to 5.0.3 if you haven’t done so! You can register your serial in the member area to download the latest version). Remember, existing owners of the desktop editions get an upgrade discount!