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Since February 2014, we run a monthly art contest through our DeviantART ArtRage group, around a monthly theme to encourage creativity and community participation, as well as to give our artists a chance to practice with our monthly prompts. All the Ambient Design staff then vote on the winners, so we all get to see what you’re doing with our software!

On this page you can view the first, second and third place winners for every completed contest since it started. You can also view all the winners on DeviantART here, as well as all the entries in each monthly contest.

If you’d like to join one of our contests, then all you need to do is sign up to DeviantART, upload your artwork, join the group, and then submit it to our contest folder. We award prizes of DeviantART subscriptions, points or ArtRage 4 licences to our winners and welcome all entries created in any edition of ArtRage (including the free demo!).

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A deviantART group of digital art, paintings and resources for ArtRage artists! Get social and show others your artwork and tips for using art software.

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Our art community forums are some of the friendliest around. Join in the conversation, share your art, and swap painting tips and tricks with other artists.