‘ArtRage 5 Coming Soon’ Holiday Sale

ArtRage 5 Coming Soon! ArtRage 4 now 50% Off!

We are very pleased to announce the upcoming release of ArtRage 5, the most powerful and professional edition of ArtRage yet.

ArtRage 5 is due in January 2017 and ArtRage 4 will be on sale until ArtRage 5 is released.

ArtRage 5 banner Boxy

Banner painted by Sav Scatola in a beta version of ArtRage 5.

‘ArtRage 5 Coming Soon’ Sale – Get ArtRage 4 at a Big Discount!

While we wrap up the final details on ArtRage 5 with the help of our fantastic beta testers to ensure that the first release is as stable, awesome and bug free as possible, we’re running a massive sale on ArtRage 4 and ArtRage Lite. ArtRage 4 will no longer be available to purchase after ArtRage 5 is released, so this sale is your last chance to buy this edition.

If you are upgrading from ArtRage Lite or an older desktop edition or Lite to ArtRage 4, you will only pay $12.45 if you use the upgrade discount!

We’re doing this because we want to give everyone a chance to grab a copy of ArtRage before the price goes up after Christmas, with an opportunity to upgrade to ArtRage 5 for less than the cost of a new license. That’s right – buying ArtRage 4 or ArtRage Lite during the sale and upgrading later will be cheaper than buying ArtRage 5 new!

Buy ArtRage 4 Now!

So What’s Coming in ArtRage 5?

Kestrel pencil ArtRage 5

ArtRage 5 offers much more natural pencil, letting you sketch, shade, blend and color more effectively using your preferred traditional techniques.

ArtRage 5 adds so many new things, and we’re very excited to be able to talk about them at last!

EagleOwl by Boxy ArtRage 5

‘Eagle Owl’ by Sav Scatola, using custom brushes in ArtRage 5

New Tools

ArtRage 5 comes with several major new editing and painting tools, including a custom brush designer, Perspective, Guides, Warp, Layer Effects, and a much more realistic Pencil tool. It also supports multiple open documents and has improved speed and processing power, so ArtRage now performs even better at larger sizes.

Keep an eye on the website to learn more about these new tools!

  • Custom Brush Tool
  • Custom Brush Designer
  • Layer Effects
  • Warp
  • Improved Pencil & Pastel tools
  • Perspective
  • Guides
  • Variable Snap Distance for Grids/Guides/Perspective

Improved Interface

The entire interface has been redesigned to create a cleaner and more intuitive workspace. Along with a complete reworking of every icon and menu, ArtRage 5 includes a vastly improved ‘workbench’ mode that allows you to fully customize your workspace with floating and docking panels.

Other improvements include the ability to toggle the entire interface into a dark version, and being able to work with multiple documents at once. We’ve also thrown in other workflow improvements like the ability to rotate your entire painting from the Edit menu, redesigned the way Transform works and let you switch between small and large layer thumbnails.

We’ll be updating soon with more information on these changes:

  • UI Redesign
  • Docking Mode
  • Lights Out Mode
  • Multiple Documents
  • Transform
Guides African girl portrait square screenshot ArtRage 5

Use Guides to help plan out your composition.

System Support

ArtRage 5 will support Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS 10.8 and later. It includes 64-bit support and the same range of languages as ArtRage 4 (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian).

ArtRage 5 interface banner tool picker

Price & Upgrade Costs

ArtRage 5 will be $79. ArtRage Lite will remain the same price. Just like the previous editions of ArtRage, it will be a one time purchase with no ongoing subscriptions, and you will be able to download both Mac OSX and Windows versions an unlimited number of times from our member area.

If you’re a long time user, you know that we always offer upgrade discounts, and that isn’t changing. Existing ArtRage users can upgrade from any previous desktop version of ArtRage, including ArtRage 2 and ArtRage Lite.

ArtRage 2, 3 (Studio and Studio Pro) and 4 users can upgrade to ArtRage 5 at a 50% discount ($39.50 off).

ArtRage Lite users can upgrade to ArtRage 5 at a 30% discount ($23.70 off). ArtRage Lite will still be available as an introductory edition and offers a perpetual licence. This means that ArtRage Lite will always be up to date, and always includes an upgrade discount to the latest full edition of ArtRage.

Is there any point still buying ArtRage 4?

Well, yes! It’s still exactly the same awesome program it was a month ago, and it comes with its own upgrade discount to the next edition, so it’s easy to upgrade to ArtRage 5 later. While we can’t guarantee ongoing support for ArtRage 4, as it is going to be discontinued, it certainly isn’t obsolete. In fact, we still have users happily painting in ArtRage 2 (which came out over ten years ago!), so you know ArtRage software is pretty reliable.

And did we mention the upgrade discount? Our upgrade discount isn’t time limited, so you can upgrade whenever you’re ready. If you buy ArtRage 4 while it’s on sale, and upgrade later, you will still pay less than full price. If you purchase a new copy of ArtRage 4 during the 50% off sale and then choose to upgrade to ArtRage 5 next year, then you will still only pay $64.40 (19% off the full price of ArtRage 5).

pastel sky artrage 5

ArtRage 5’s even more realistic pastels are just over the horizon