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ArtRage in action with real artists
phil galloway oils close up

Portrait in Oils

Traditional oil painter Phil Galloway experiments with the Oil Brush in ArtRage
  • Strong strokes of the oil brush block out the colors and shapes of the face.
  • Dry brush strokes add texture around the edges, creating an abstract transition from the solid dabs of the face to the texture of the canvas.
  • Thick paint from the Paint Tube was is worked into the paint with the Palette Knife and Oil brush, creating chunky impasto effects.

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steve goad closeups

Alien Landscape Using Custom Brushes

A digital science fiction landscape by Steve Goad using custom brushes

This painting, commissioned for the Splash Screen of the product, makes full use of ArtRage 5’s digital capabilities, working almost exclusively with the Custom Brush tool to create everything from reflections in the ice to the rose petals drifting across the sky. In this piece, Steve wanted to share the inspiration and creative possibilities he finds in ArtRage.

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Learn about the Custom Brush and the Brush Designer.

kestrel pencil close ups

Kestrel Illustration in Colored Pencil

Real world pencil techniques

Realistic pencil drawings are always impressive, and a digital realistic pencil drawing is no exception. The kestrel was painstakingly shaded and blended using real world techniques with the ArtRage 5 Pencil on a single layer with a sketch paper canvas. Each stroke built up color, until the paper was covered in a solid layer of blended pigment. A subtle background wash was added by softening pencil color with a wet palette knife, mimicking a watercolor pencil effect.

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