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Tools of a real art studio at your fingertips

What Is ArtRage for Android™?

Natural art software now available for your android device.

Just like the original desktop program and iOS apps, the ArtRage for Android app features a wide range of realistic tools, colour mixing and paint textures that makes an ArtRage painting so unique in the digital art world. Easy to use, and fun to play with, it is suitable for anyone who owns an Android device, whether they be child or professional artist.

ArtRage for Android includes all the favourite traditional tools for painting, drawing, and sketching, from the other editions of ArtRage, such as the Oil Brush, Watercolors, the Airbrush, Palette Knife, Paint Roller & Tube, Ink Pen, Pencil & Marker Pen, Pastel (Chalk & Crayon) and Eraser. Each tool comes with its own settings and custom tool presets to allow you to create exactly the tools you want to use.


Who can use ArtRage?

ArtRage 4 Main

Because ArtRage is designed to work like real painting and drawing tools, it can be used by almost anyone. The interface is easy to understand and gets out of the way while you are working so you don’t spend time configuring panels when you could be painting. What’s more, it’s fun to smoosh around paint and blend colors right there on the canvas.

ArtRage 4 Beginner

Beginners: If you’re new to painting and drawing, you can take advantage of the Tracing Image system to import a photo as a guide while painting. Let ArtRage pick colors from the image for you and you can focus on your brushwork and developing your skills. Tools like Glitter or Stickers make creating craft projects on your computer easy and fun.

ArtRage 4 Teacher

Teachers: If you’re an art teacher, ArtRage can be a great bridge between working on paper and working on a computer. Take the skills you’ve taught on paper and see how those work on the computer before branching out and exploring more technical features like layers. The focus on natural creativity in ArtRage frees students from fiddling with pixels and lets them develop their art.

ArtRage 4 Traditional

Traditional Artists: If you’re a traditional artist who has avoided digital art tools, you’ll find ArtRage pleasantly familiar. Rather than spending time learning a whole new set of tools and methods, you can take many of your familiar techniques and work with them inside the software. Lay down blobs of color and blend them with a palette knife, and work with settings that reflect how you work with real pigment. You can even pin reference images to your canvas while you work. Prototype your paintings in ArtRage without needing to spend money on canvas or pigment, and use your computer as a companion to your traditional work rather than a replacement.

ArtRage 4 Digital

Digital Artists: If you’re a digital artist who wants to add some natural paint to your images, you can still work with layers, blend modes and other digital tools. ArtRage 4 for the desktop offers selection tools, flood fills, cloning and text to make the workflow easier. Support for PSD images imported and exported with their layers, groups, blend modes, and text layers intact makes it easy to use ArtRage alongside your other applications. The mobile apps offer fewer features, but still include many useful tools.


What kind of device do I need?

There are versions of ArtRage for desktop computers and laptops running Windows or Mac OS X, for Android, for the iPad, and for the iPhone. The Windows / Mac version of ArtRage runs on most computers, you don’t need a high powered machine or fast graphics card. If you are wondering if your computer can handle ArtRage, check out the Demo version.

Because the interface gets out of the way as you work, the size of your screen isn’t as important. You can dismiss the entire interface with a single mouse tap if you want even more room. ArtRage has been additionally optimized to give you access to as many important features as possible in a very small area of the screen.

While using a graphics tablet with ArtRage makes painting feel that much more natural, you can paint happily with a mouse and let the software simulate some of the dynamics of natural strokes, and ArtRage for Android fully supports the pressure sensitive and highly responsive S Pen.

If you have a touch screen you can work directly on the canvas to further heighten the experience. If you have a Multitouch screen you can use familiar shortcuts to navigate your canvas and control the interface.


How to buy ArtRage for Android

GALAXY Note 4 & Note Edge Owners

ArtRage for Android can be downloaded for free through GALAXY Gifts through your Samsung device.

Other Samsung Owners

ArtRage for Android is available for $4.99 through GALAXY Apps. ArtRage for Android cannot currently be purchased online, but must be bought via your Samsung device.

Other Android Users

ArtRage for Android is available for sale in the Google Play Store.


For more ArtRage Android Information…

If you still have questions about ArtRage for Android, check out the Android Features page, or feel free to ask on our ArtRage Forums where there are many users who would be happy to let you know about their experiences with the product.