ArtRage Now Available on

ArtRage can now be downloaded from Amazon!

ArtRage for Windows, Mac OSX and Android is now on Amazon! This means we can offer some fairly exciting new things, including educational discounts for students in the US.


If you already own ArtRage and have spent years going ‘this program is so great, I wish I could just write a glowing review on a website somewhere so everybody knows how I feel about it’, then here’s your chance!

Reviews are hugely important on Amazon, and aren’t something we’ve been able to support properly on our website before, so we’re really looking forward to reading what our artists have to say. If you have a spare moment and would like to help us out a bit, please follow the links below to your version and leave a review!

A new way to get ArtRage Lite!

As with the Educational Edition, your licence covers both Windows and Mac OSX. We’ve split them up due to some complicated behind the scenes stuff, but if you decide you need the other version after purchasing, just register in our member area to download it.

Find them on Amazon at the following links:

Important Note: Upgrades

The upgrade discounts only work through our website (or Steam, if you have a Steam copy). If you own an older version of ArtRage and are looking to upgrade, you need to do it via us. We cannot offer the discounts through Amazon.

A new Android App Store!

Both our free and our paid Android apps are now available through Amazon. This means that people who can’t access the Play Store (e.g. in China, Kindle users) can now try the Android apps. And everyone else gets the option, and can use their favourite app store (Galaxy Apps, Play Store or Amazon).

*we’re pretty sure ArtRage works fine on Kindles, but if you have any problems, let us know via our support form. New devices always bring new issues that don’t show up in testing!

iOS Apps

We can’t offer these via Amazon, only through iTunes. Sorry!

Educational discounts!

It also means that we can offer a student/teacher discount on ArtRage Lite via the Amazon educational program! (Unfortunately, this is US only, but it’s better than not having it at all).

Important points:

  • The discount is 30% off individual licences. Educators interested in bulk purchases should still contact us directly.
  • You need to have verified academic status with Amazon.
  • Your licence is for both Windows and Mac OSX. If you purchase the wrong download, you can just register with us and download the other one as needed.
  • Every purchase of ArtRage Lite allows you to get a 50% upgrade discount on ArtRage 4. Upgrading only works if you buy via us, so we’re not offering the discounts on the full version on Amazon – too many ways it can get horribly confusing.