ArtRage for iPad 1.6 Problems on iOS9

Experiencing crashes in iOS9?

ArtRage iPadIf you are experiencing issues with ArtRage for iPad in iOS9, then we are aware of it and are working on getting a fixed version out.

The main problem we are hearing about is that the Wacom stylus SDK (software) isn’t fully compatible with iOS9, and is causing crashes.

Turning off the Wacom preference in the iPad’s Settings app should avoid the crashes for now.

This should be resolved when we bring out the ArtRage for iPad 2.0 update. We’re working on getting this out as fast as possible so that you can get back to painting.

We expect to submit ArtRage for iPad 2.0 to the iTunes store in the next week, but it will have to go through the iTunes approval process, so may not be live for up to a week after we submit the update. We don’t have any control over this stage, so we can’t give a definite date.

If you haven’t updated to iOS9 yet, and rely on ArtRage, we recommend waiting until the update is available in iTunes.

If you are seeing problems with the ArtRage for iPhone app instead, please send details via our support form.