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Work alongside your Mac OS / Windows computer

ArtRage iPad Owner

ArtRage iPad owners can share paintings with ArtRage for your Mac OS or Windows computer via iTunes. Take your art with you for painting on the go, or transfer paintings over from your iPad to finish off using the advanced features of the desktop version.

ArtRage 4 contains all the features of the iPad version, with additional tools for special effects and editing that let you add finishing touches to your mobile canvases.

With the Script Recording feature you can record your iPad paintings and play them back in ArtRage 4, increasing their resolution without damaging the quality of the original.

Take a look at the features of ArtRage 4


Get involved in the ArtRage Community

ArtRage iPad Share

Join in the discussion, share your work in the Gallery, and see what other users are doing with ArtRage in our Forums. The forums are a great place for to get feedback, and look for tips and tricks on using the product. There’s a section of the forums devoted to the iPad version of the product, but many of the techniques used in the desktop version can also be used in the mobile version.

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Technical Support

ArtRage iPad Support

If you are experiencing technical problems using ArtRage on your iPad, please contact for assistance here or visit the iPad Technical Forum and we’d be happy to help. Please check the FAQ before sending a support query as you may find an immediate solution to the problem.

If you need help with painting techniques using the product, check out our Forums as you may find other users have asked for help with similar things in the past and received a reply.

Technical Support for ArtRage

Speed & Crash Issues: If you are having speed or crash problems, you can find a solution here.