ArtRage Oil Painter Free Released for Android

A Holiday Gift for ArtRage Users!

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android free logo play store ArtRage Oil Painter Free is a painting app featuring realistic oil paints with texture and color mixing. This app is our gift to the ArtRage community for Christmas, Yaldā, Winter Solstice, Yule, Mawlid an-Nabī, Hannukah, Pancha Ganapati (and any other celebrations we missed)!

ArtRage Oil Painter Free is the basic version of our powerful ArtRage for Android app and ArtRage desktop programs, which focuses exclusively on our popular Oil Brush tool, featuring four Oil brush presets that will allow you to create a wide range of effects and paint in your preferred style.

If you already have the paid version, then there isn’t anything new in this version, but it’s very nice to jump into for quick paintings or colour tests, all your art can be opened in the full paid version later, and it won’t intimidate friends and family when you try to push ArtRage on them. Besides, did we mention that it’s free?

You can use ArtRage Oil Painter Free for:

  • Realistic painting practice. Use real world traditional painting techniques to build your art up from background to foreground. You can experiment with concepts before touching a real canvas, or create serious digital artworks.

  • Quick sketch paints on the go. Oil Painter Free lets you dive right into throwing paint at the canvas without getting sidetracked by complicated menu options, and is an easy way to paint something quick and fun on the bus.

  • Mixing up colors for color tests and creating color palettes. ArtRage’s live color blending makes it easy to mix up a new batch of colors and experiment with ideas.

  • Just finger painting away for fun! ArtRage’s oils interact in endlessly entrancing ways, letting you smush textured paint around and blend colors. Entertain the kids for hours, or unwind while travelling by creating meditative, addictive abstracts.

  • As a simple, safe painting app for younger users and people who aren’t very comfortable with a lot of options or technical features.

  • As a demo of our paid editions – if you’re not sure whether our full ArtRage app or desktop program is for you, Oil Painter Free will let you try out the oil paint and see if it’s to your taste. If you like it, then our paid editions offer a full range of traditional and digital tools and features.

The four oil brush presets are carefully selected to give you a full range of options:

  • Driest Brush acts like a glazing brush or very dry brush to let you lay down very light layers of translucent paint.
  • Dry Clumps lets you create short strokes which fade out as you run out of paint
  • Everlasting Oil is an endless supply of thick paint
  • Thick Gloss turns the paint loading right up to create thick, shiny strokes with visible brush texture

Download ArtRage Oil Painter Free Now!

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ArtRage Oil Painter Free lets you focus on the art, not the tools

It may be simple, but you can still create real art – all the paintings below were created during testing by ArtRage staff!

Get ArtRage Oil Painter Free from the Play Store!