Explore Creativity: ArtRage for iPad & iPhone Sale!

Explore Your Creativity: ArtRage for iPad and iPhone on Sale!

The ArtRage iOS apps are 50% or more off, for a limited time as part of the App Store’s Explore Your Creativity promotion

ArtRage iPhone

The Explore Your Creativity sale features a range of awesome discount deals of a bunch of related apps. It’s a fantastic way to discover new apps without paying full price. And the ArtRage iOS apps have been featured as part of this promotion, which means that they’re on sale!

The Deals

You can buy both apps for the iPad, or just pick the one you like the look of, but right now, you can buy both for less than the full price of ArtRage for iPad.

ArtRage for iPad

ArtRage iPad

The ArtRage for iPad app is a fantastic mobile painting program based on the highly successful ArtRage Studio Pro (now replaced by ArtRage 4). It has all the standard features you need to paint properly on a digital device, such as layers, endless undo right back to the start, an eraser and the ability to move and scale parts of your image. You can also import your photos and images as part of the painting, as very handy reference images pinned right next to the canvas, and as tracing images, to help get your drawing set up easily and quickly.

But that’s not all it has. Sure, the References and Tracing image features are nifty, useful and pretty unique, but most apps have layers and an undo button. What makes ArtRage special?

That’s also easy to answer. Textures. Color mixing. Paper grains that interact when you draw. A range of media with depth and believable interactions. ArtRage is an incredible fun program to use, easy and powerful. And it contains a full set of drawing and painting tools, including an airbrush, watercolour brush, pencil, oil brush and inking pen, among others.

It’s also very well integrated into the ArtRage range, and will complement the desktop edition very well. The painting files are completely compatible if you then want to finish them on the desktop, and you can record scripts of your preliminary field sketches that can be played back in high quality at larger sizes in ArtRage Studio, Studio Pro and ArtRage 4.

Whether you like the flexibility of being a couch-based artist, want to let your kids paint without mess (or monopolising your computer!), or intend on serious fieldwork and mobile painting, ArtRage for iPad does it all.

ArtRage for iPad is 60% off for a limited time

ArtRage for iPhone

ArtRage iPhone

So the iPad app is amazing. What’s ArtRage for iPhone like, and is it worth getting both apps?

Well, it does depend on your drawing style. ArtRage for iPhone is a much simpler program, but it works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (it works best on the iPhone, of course).

It’s a much simpler program, allowing you to concentrate on small canvases, getting ideas out of your head and colour onto the screen without being overwhelmed by settings and choices. As soon as you start painting, you’ll recognise the unique ArtRage paint mixing and textures, and you can even choose from a range of canvas grains.

The iPhone app includes layers, tracing and export options, creating PTG files that are compatible with other editions of ArtRage as well as standard PNG and JPG image formats.

It also includes swipe gesture support and incredibly easy to use menus that allow you to pick new colours and tools without lifting your finger.

Basically, it’s an easy, quick, painting app that still acts like realistic traditional media, includes all the standard tools and presets you need for painting and doesn’t slow you down with settings. The iPhone app acts as a handy complement to the full iPad app, letting you jump into an idea quickly and dash it out at top speed.

ArtRage for iPhone is 50% off for a limited time

Check out the sale and the other limited time specials at: www.appstore.com/ExploreYourCreativity/


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