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Can’t install/run ArtRage Touch from Windows App Store

Can't install or run ArtRage Touch from the Windows App Store If you are having problems installing or accessing ArtRage Touch, this is usually due to a licence or connection problem between your computer and the Windows App Store. Unfortunately, we can't help directly with most of these issues, but there are a few steps that we can suggest to fix this.Check ConnectionCheck that your device is connected to the internet properly. If you are connecting through a proxy or have an antivirus ...

ArtRage not showing up in the Samsung Apps store

If you cannot find ArtRage when searching Samsung Apps on your device, this is because you are using an out of date version of the App store.To Fix This:Update Samsung Apps to GALAXY Apps Restart your device ArtRage should then appear in the store

Can’t validate ArtRage for Android, use it offline or asked to pay again from Google Play Store

Unable to Validate License after downloading from the Google Play StoreIf you can't run ArtRage for Android after purchasing from the Google Play Store, are asked to validate it everytime you open the app, or can only run it when connected to the internet, this is usually because ArtRage or the Play Store app is not properly storing or sending the purchase data. This is usually fairly easy to fix following the steps below. Note: Several things can cause this bug ...

Can I transfer or get a refund for an app store purchase?

Can I get a refund? I don't want the app anymore.The Google Play Store allows you to refund your purchase automatically within the first fifteen minutes, and we can refund purchases if you have a problem with your product (although not if you just got bored with the app), but we are unable to directly refund purchases made through GALAXY Apps or iTunes. You will need to contact the individual store support directly.If you are having a specific issue with your ...