ArtRage memory crashes on Windows 10

If you are experiencing regular crashes in Windows 10, this is probably due to a known compatibility issue with the multithreading feature. Windows 10 changed this system entirely, so it will no longer work properly in certain versions of ArtRage.

Multithreading allows ArtRage to handle multiple processes at once, so turning it off may cause some slowdowns at larger sizes, but it shouldn’t make too much difference. This feature doesn’t exist in ArtRage 2.

To prevent the crashes in ArtRage 3 Studio or Studio Pro:

Disable multithreading in Edit > ArtRage Preferences

To prevent the crashes in ArtRage 4:

Update to the latest version of ArtRage 4, which is fully compatible with Windows 10.

If you are still seeing crashes when you use menus, gestures, or stylus buttons, see ArtRage crashes with touch or stylus movements on Windows 10

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