Missing Cursor and Lag problems with Mavericks or Yosemite?

Problems drawing with Mavericks (Mac OS 10.9) or Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10)

If you are using ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro on Mavericks or Yosemite and you are seeing the cursor vanishing when you move it over the canvas, or strokes not appearing, or showing significant lag, then you need to download the latest version from our Member Area. This is quite common if you bought a slightly older version of ArtRage through a third party or have not updated recently.

The latest version of ArtRage 3 is 3.5.12. This version includes fixes specifically for Mavericks.

But it says I’m up-to-date?

The update check is also buggy in Mavericks. This was fixed in versions 3.5.10 – 3.5.12. Check your version number instead, by going to Help > About ArtRage.

So how do I get the update again?

You can download the latest version anytime you like, as long as you have registered the serial number in our member area.

If you have never registered your copy of ArtRage in the Member Area, it is quite straightforward.

  • Find your serial number (You should be able to find your serial in ArtRage by going to Help > Change serial number )
  • Go to our Member Area
  • Click ‘create account’ and follow the instructions if you haven’t done so before
  • Log in, click ‘register’, then enter your serial number and click ‘save’

You should now see your serial number listed with a download button beneath. Click this button to download the latest Windows or OS X version of your software.

If you still have problems, please submit a support request.

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