What are the different ArtRage editions?

What are the different ArtRage editions?

There are a number of different ArtRage editions, some of which are no longer available for purchase through our website. Ambient Design first released ArtRage in 2004, and it is currently up to ArtRage 4, along with ArtRage Lite, three mobile editions and a free demo. Some of the older editions are still available as bundled software with graphics tablets and other devices from third party companies.

While we do not make any earlier editions publically available through our website, if you own an earlier copy of ArtRage, you can register it in our Member Area and download it again whenever you wish.

You can also upgrade to the latest edition at 50% off.

You can compare all the product features in each of the main editions here: ArtRage Product Line Comparison

Desktop EditionsMobile Editions
Desktop Editions

Our desktop editions are all available for both Mac OSX and Windows. You can switch between the two platforms whenever you need to by downloading the correct installer from the Member Area.

ArtRage 1

Released in 2004, this was the original, free, program. It was much more basic than the later editions, with no layers or editing tools. It won the grand prize in the  Microsoft® Tablet PC Does Your Application Think in Ink? contest.

ArtRage 2

Released in 2006 and still bundled for sale with some third party products (e.g. Wacom tablets). Currently up to version 2.6.

Related versions

  • ArtRage Starter Edition / ArtRage Free Edition: A free demo version of ArtRage 2 with limited features.
  • ArtRage Deluxe Edition: Sold on CD-ROM by a third party company called Smith Micro. It is effectively the same program as ArtRage 2
  • ArtRage 2 Japanese Edition: This version was sold in Japan with Wacom tablets and supports Japanese and English interfaces and manuals.
  • ArtRage 2 Wacom China Edition: This version was developed for China and was bundled with Wacom tablets. It supports Simplified Chinese interface.

ArtRage 3

Released in 2009, this edition was split into two separate products: Studio and Studio Pro. Both versions are still available with many third party devices, such as certain Wacom tablets, Sony laptops, Adesso Cybertablets, and ASUS tablets, as well as other products. ArtRage Studio Pro was also available on Steam at the end of 2012, although it has since been replaced by ArtRage 4. It is currently up to version 3.5.11

If you bought one of these two editions with a tablet or other hardware, then you can register it and upgrade to ArtRage 4 at a 50% discount.

  • ArtRage Studio: The more basic edition, without some of the most advanced features such as Script and Sticker creation (although it is able to use existing Stickers and Scripts).
  • ArtRage Studio Pro: The more advanced version, which contained professional level features.

See the full update history of ArtRage 3 here

Related versions

  • Studio Pro Demo Edition: A free trial version with all the features of the full Studio Pro edition. It was time limited and expired after 30 days. No longer available officially.
  • ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro Wacom China Editions:  Separate versions were created for China that support English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

ArtRage 4.5

Released in 2013, this is the most recent edition and the only one sold from our website. It is not currently bundled with any other products, and is only available from us, or via the Steam store. It is currently up to version 4.5 and can be bought through this page.

The 4.5 update was released 11th August, 2014 and includes 64 bit support. It does not support Windows XP, so the previous version 4.0.6 is still available for download to owners of this edition.

Any owners of previous editions are able to upgrade to ArtRage 4.5 with a 50% discount.  For more information, see ArtRage Upgrades.

  • ArtRage 4 Demo edition: The free trial version that is currently available from our website. It does not have a time limit, but has restricted export capabilities and a few other limited features. It is a separate program to ArtRage 4, so if you purchase the full edition, you will need to install it separately alongside the Demo. The Demo can be downloaded here.

See the full update history of ArtRage 4 here

ArtRage Lite

Released in 2015, ArtRage Lite replaces Studio and Studio Pro and acts as an introductory version of ArtRage 4. It includes all the natural media tools, and all the basic digital editing features. ArtRage Lite can be bought through this page.

It includes support for Windows 10 and 64-bit systems, but doesn’t support Windows XP.

Any owners of ArtRage Lite are able to upgrade to ArtRage 4.5 with a 50% discount.  For more information, see ArtRage Upgrades.

Mobile Editions

ArtRage for iPad

Released in 2010, the iPad app edition is available through the iTunes App Store. It is a modified version of ArtRage Studio Pro, with a reduced number of features. It is able to create Scripts and paintings that can be opened with the desktop versions of ArtRage. It is compatible with iOS 6 and up. It is currently up to version 1.6 and can be bought through the iTunes App Store.

See the full update history of ArtRage for iPad here

ArtRage for iPhone

Released in 2012, the iPhone edition is a very basic version that concentrates on the fundamental painting tools. It is compatible with iOS 4 and up, and will work on the iPad and iPod Touch as well as iPhones. It is currently up to version 1.0 and can be bought through the iTunes App Store)

ArtRage for Android

The ArtRage for Android app was launched October 2014 in the Samsung GALAXY Gifts store. It is available for free for Samsung GALAXY Note 4 and Note Edge owners, as well as selected GALAXY Tab devices, through GALAXY Gifts, but is also available for purchase in the Samsung GALAXY App store and the Google Play store.

The app itself is very similar to the ArtRage for iPad app, with a full range of natural media painting tools and desktop-compatible files.

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