How to find my serial number?

Lost registration or unknown serial number?

If you do not know what your serial number (also known as a licence code or registration key) is, there are various ways to find it again.

If you have previously chosen to register your copy of ArtRage software under the Members Area, then your Profile will contain your serial number. Log in to the Member Area to view serial numbers for all your registered products.

If you have not registered, then we recommend doing so once you find your serial number using the various options listed below:

If ArtRage is installed and working:

ArtRage 4, Lite, 5: Go to Help >ArtRage Serial Number

ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro: Go to Help > Change Serial Number

ArtRage on Steam: You can find your serial number by right clicking ArtRage 4 in your Steam library and choosing ‘view CD key’.

ArtRage 2.6: The serial number is located in the registry files. Contact us for OS specific instructions via our support page

If ArtRage is not installed or came with a third party tablet or device

The location of the serial number varies, depending on how you purchased ArtRage. Choose the option that applies to you below.

Purchased OnlineWacomPre-installed on Sony, ASUS, Surface Pro or other deviceArtRage Deluxe on CDMobile Apps
Purchased Online

If you have purchased ArtRage directly from us online:

Feel free to send a support request via our support page if you purchased ArtRage from our website and can’t locate your key and we’ll be happy to check our purchase records for you, then help you to register it on our website.

If you have a Steam version of ArtRage

  • You can find your serial number by right clicking ArtRage 4 in your Steam library and choosing ‘view CD key’.
  • You do not need a serial number as your purchase is linked to your Steam account. You do have one, which you can register in the Member Area for safekeeping, but you cannot download it from the Member Area (updates are installed via Steam). ArtRage 4 users can also access upgrade discounts to ArtRage 5 via the Member Area.

If you purchased ArtRage with a Wacom tablet:

Wacom bundles ArtRage in two different ways: CD-ROM or software download.

  • If you received ArtRage on CD with a Wacom tablet, they don’t share individual user details with us, but they print the serial number on the back of the CD sleeve.
  • If ArtRage was included as a software download, then there should be a Software Bundle Download code/key printed somewhere on the packaging. If you bought an Intuos Draw, see this page for help locating your SBD key.

    The code and distribution method varies by time, model and geographical location, and is controlled by Wacom, so we can’t guarantee this guide will always be accurate.

You would register this code at, which will then unlock your software downloads and serial numbers.

You can then add ArtRage to your Wacom ‘Library’ and download it and view the serial number. You should also be able to log back in at Wacom and view your serial number again. See this Wacom guide if you get stuck.

Once you have your serial number, you can register it in the Member Area and download the latest version of ArtRage directly from us if you wish.

If you are having problems registering with Wacom, then you should contact Wacom support for assistance as we cannot help directly with their registration process.

Pre-installed on Sony, ASUS, Surface Pro or other device

If it came pre-installed on a laptop or tablet computer

This applies if ArtRage came with the following devices (or something very similar):

  • ASUS EEE Slate EP121
  • Surface Pro 2
  • Any Sony PC

To find your serial:

  • Go to Help > Change Serial Number if it is installed and working

If you have uninstalled ArtRage or upgraded Windows and lost the program:

  • Contact the manufacturer for support

If it came on a CD with an Adesso CyberTablet

  • The serial number can be found either around the central bottom area of the CD sleeve or the installation CD.

If any of the above methods fails

  • Contact us via our support page (we do not have direct access to serial numbers sold through third parties, but sometimes we can help).
ArtRage Deluxe on CD

If you purchased ArtRage Deluxe

  • Ambient Design does not have any information on Registration Keys for ArtRage Deluxe. You will need to contact your vendor for further information or contact the publisher via SmithMicro Support.
Mobile Apps

If you have an iOS version from the iTunes App Store, an Android app from the Play Store or Samsung GALAXY Apps, or ArtRage Touch from the Windows Store

  • You do not have a serial number. Registration and updates are handled using the app store account that you purchased with.
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