Mac OS X – ‘String Table Error’ when starting ArtRage?

%%String Table Error

Some users have reported an error when launching ArtRage on a non administrator or other secondary account on OS X. When the app is launched, an error appears indicating that an object could not be created and the detail text is ‘%%String Table Error’. The app then needs to be force quit.

This problem indicates that the application is being denied permission to access the files stored inside its contents, this appears to relate to file ownership and if you follow these steps it should be resolved:

  1.  Make sure that you are logged in to the primary account on the computer (the one ArtRage works for) and that the other account is not logged in as well.
  2. Locate the ArtRage app in the Applications folder (or wherever you installed it). Please make sure you have located the actual application, not a shortcut or item on the dock.
  3. Right click the ArtRage app and select Show Package Contents from the menu that appears (if right click is not available, hold down the Control button on your keyboard and single click normally on the application). That opens a folder that contains a ‘Contents’ folder. This is inside the ArtRage app bundle.
  4. Open the Contents folder and you should see a Resources folder. Single click that and Get Info for it by selecting Get Info from the File Menu in the finder, or pressing Cmd + I on your keyboard.
  5. Locate the ‘Sharing and Permissions’ section of the info panel (it may be closed, click the arrow next to it to open it up).
  6. Make sure that the ‘Everyone’ permission is set to Read Only or Read and Write. If it says ‘No Access’ change that to Read Only.
  7. Click the lock icon beneath the permissions list and enter your admin password to allow changes to be made.
  8. Now click the cog icon just beneath the list of permissions and select ‘Apply to enclosed items’ then click OK.

What we are doing here is changing the permissions of all of the files inside the Resources folder to make sure that they are available for reading by all accounts on your system. You should now try running ArtRage on the secondary account.

If you still have problems: Please contact us via the Support Page for assistance. When you contact us, let us know that you tried these steps, and which version of OS X you are using.

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