What you get from purchasing ArtRage?

What do I get when I purchase ArtRage from the online store?

ArtRage can be purchased as a digital download through our online store. Your payment is securely processed by our partner, Avangate.

After you complete your purchase of ArtRage from our online store, download links and the serial number for your software are displayed.

If you have purchased the desktop version, you will receive a full version user license for both Windows & OS X. You may use the serial number on either or both.

The store also sends you an email including your serial number and download links. Your serial number can also be used to download ArtRage at any later point via signing up (or logging in) and registering it in our Member Area. This will provide you with free updates for your product version. It will also provide an upgrade discount coupon for future versions. You can upgrade from older editions of ArtRage 2, ArtRage 3 (Studio/Studio Pro), or ArtRage 4 at a 50% discount, or upgrade from ArtRage Lite at a 30% discount.

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