How to register Steam serial numbers

How to register Steam serial numbers

If you have a Steam bought copy of ArtRage, you will receive all updates through Steam. You will also be eligible for the 50% upgrade discount to the next edition, as long as you upgrade through Steam (note: as we no longer sell ArtRage through Steam, this does not apply. Steam users with ArtRage 4 will be able to upgrade to ArtRage 5 through the member area, as ArtRage 5 will only be available directly from our website).

You can register your Steam serial number in the Member Area, but it will not allow you to download updates, or access the upgrade discount if it is an ArtRage 3 (Studio Pro) serial.

It is not possible to register a normal serial number with Steam.

You can find your serial number by right clicking ArtRage 4 in your Steam library and choosing ‘view CD key’. If you copy this to your clipboard then launch Artrage for the first time, the serial number boxes should be filled out automatically to save you having to enter it manually.

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