Serial Number not Accepted in ArtRage or when Registering

On Windows or macOS, the first time you launch ArtRage you will be asked to Unlock the product using your Serial Number. You will also be asked to enter it when you Register your product in our Member Area. If you experience problems with either of these systems, please double check that you have entered the right Serial Number:

Serial Number Error when Unlocking or Registering:

– ArtRage 3 or later uses a 25 digit Serial Number. ArtRage 2 uses a 20 digit Registration Key.

– If you have your Serial Number in digital format such as in an email you can Copy it from there and Paste it in to the Unlock panel in ArtRage.

– If you received ArtRage with a Wacom graphics tablet or other hardware, please make sure you are using the ArtRage Serial Number the manufacturer provided, Wacom ‘Software Download Bundle’ codes and tablet serial numbers will not unlock ArtRage.

Serial Number Already Claimed when Registering:

Each ArtRage Serial Number can only be Registered once in our Member Area. If you receive an error telling you that your Serial has already been registered, it may be because you previously registered it with a different email address, or that a duplicate Serial Number has been given out. Please contact us and let us know the Serial Number you are trying to register and we can look in to it for you.

If you continue to have problems, please contact us and let us know the Serial Number you are entering along with where you received it from and we should be able to help!

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