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Frequently Asked Questions

There are three different ways to import a photograph as paint to work on directly in the iPad app.

1. Start a new painting from an imported photo.

To do this, go to the Gallery view, click the ‘+’ symbol in the top right, and choose ‘Import Image’. This will automatically create a new image as close to the size of the imported image that ArtRage supports (the max size is 2048×2048).

2. Import a photo into a layer in your current painting.

Open the Layers menu, and tap the cog symbol right at the top (the one for ALL layers). Choose ‘Import Layer’.

3. Copy/paste from the iOS clipboard.

If you have copy an image to the iOS clipboard elsewhere (e.g. if you tap the ‘upload’ arrow on a photo in the gallery, one of the options is ‘Copy’), you can then Paste it as a new layer in ArtRage. This is in the same place as ‘Import Layer’ – open Layers > tap the cog symbol at the top > choose ‘Paste from iOS Clipboard’.

The release history for the ArtRage for Android app

ArtRage for Android is a mobile version of our desktop edition. It runs on a wide range of Android devices, but was optimised for the GALAXY Note 4 and Note Edge, and is available as a free app from the GALAXY Gifts program on those devices. It is also available for sale in GALAXY Apps and the Google Play Store.

ArtRage for Android includes a full range of realistic painting tools, including oils, watercolours, glitter, and pencils. You can just pick them up and paint, or explore the deeper level of more advanced settings and presets. It is fun and easy to use for sketching and fully capable of creating finished artwork. All the familiar, convenient ArtRage features are there, with References, Tracing Images, easily navigated interface and colour samples. There’s even a touch rejection option, Stylus Only Mode,that allows you to interact with the menus, but preventing accidental strokes from your fingers on the canvas.

More information about the features can be found here: ArtRage for Android

ArtRage for Android can be purchased from the Google Play Store, and from GALAXY Apps on Samsung devices.

Experiencing Problems?

If you experience a problem with ArtRage let us know using the Support Page. We’re happy to work through problems with you and in most cases we can quickly resolve the issue.


ArtRage for Android 1.2.0
9th September, 2017
  • Updated manual and translations
  • Multiple language fixes
  • Fixed crash with too many new presets
  • Fixed crash when leaving the app and returning via ‘Recent Apps’
  • General crash fixes
  • Layer & Tracing transform workflow fixes
  • Minor display changes for clearer workflow
  • Added keyboard navigation support for menus
ArtRage for Android 1.1.48 (32 bit) & 1.1.49 (64 bit)
13th June, 2017
  • Improved licence storage to reduce licencing errors
  • Compatibility updates for newer devices (e.g. Galaxy S7)
  • Window size fixes to improve display on Chromebooks
  • Bug fixes to color picker
  • Increased canvas size when importing images as a new canvas
  • Misc crash fixes
ArtRage for Android 1.1.38 (32 bit) & 1.1.39 (64 bit)
22nd April, 2017
  • Fixed canvas preset problems (and removed Watercolor preset)
ArtRage for Android 1.1.27 (32 bit) & 1.1.28 (64 bit)
Released 9th March, 2017


  • Adjusted finger and stylus pressure
  • Added Gloop Pen presets
  • Re-added the Watercolor canvas preset
  • Improved gallery preview loading and memory handling
  • Improved file saving to avoid overwriting files with the same name, or that are open in another version of ArtRage

  • Fixed Pencil Smoothing
  • Chinese language options now persist through app restarts
  • Fixed crash when accessing PEN.UP gallery
  • Fixed preset creation bugs
  • Fixed multiple other crashes
  • Fixed numerous small bugs


ArtRage for Android 1.1.10 (32 bit) & 1.1.11 (64 bit)
Released 27th July, 2016


  • Fixed startup crash for some devices
  • Removed Watercolor canvas preset as it caused crashes for some users
  • Updated Libpng (security fix)
  • Fix for script reading and sharing
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

  • Faster startup and gallery loading
  • Added gallery size warning
  • Added help for scripting and layer transform in manual
  • Added option to change the language inside ArtRage
ArtRage for Android 1.1.03
Released 27th May, 2016

Fixes & Changes

  • 64 bit support
  • New permission system for Android 6
  • Fixed a crash during start up that happened on some OS6 devices
  • Misc bug fixes
ArtRage for Android 1.0.102
Released 17th February, 2016
  • Fixed issue installing update 1.0.101 on Android 6.0
ArtRage for Android 1.0.101
Released 15th February, 2016
  • Added option to share images with ArtRage from other apps


  • Fixed soft palette knife crash related to updating tool preview image
  • Fixed sharing bug in full screen gallery
  • Fixed sampling bug on references with hidden layers
  • Fixed Pencil settings display for Precise Mode
  • Fixed share painting size alert problem
  • Fixed help pages going missing
  • Adjusted help pages for smaller screens
  • Fixed image import bug from Google Drive
  • Fixed crashes when accessing the gallery
  • Fixed other misc crashes


ArtRage Oil Painter Free released 21st December, 2015

ArtRage for Android 1.0.84
Released 19th April, 2015


  • Added the ability to rate the app in the Settings menu.
  • Removed size setting from fill tool
  • Improved memory usage when viewing full size painting previews.
  • Removed “done” functionality for 3 finger touch while manually scaling a tracing image


  • Fixed a crash that could occur in two finger operations on some devices.
  • Fixed a bug that matched the canvas size to screen size when no value was entered (new painting)
  • Fixed a colour sampling problem where the colour wouldn’t change if saturation or light was too low.
  • Fixed an issue with selected color not being remembered in new paintings.
  • Fixed small device detection for devices with software navigation bar and odd dimensions (e.g. Nexus 9 devices) to improve layout and navigation.
  • Fixed an issue with reloading the PEN.up gallery.
  • Fixed an issue in pressure support relating to ink pen tapering.
  • Fixed a crash caused by showing/hiding layers in Nexus 7 devices.
  • Various other minor bug fixes


ArtRage for Android 1.0.6 Released in Samsung GALAXY Apps 29th Oct, 2014

  • Released in the Samsung GALAXY Apps store
  • Version 1.0.64

ArtRage for Android Released in Samsung GALAXY Gifts 17th Oct, 2014

  • Free for GALAXY Note 4 and GALAXY Note Edge devices
  • Version 1.0.64

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