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Frequently Asked Questions

Serial Number or Registration Key says it’s been disabled

If you are receiving a notification when you try to Register your product that your Registration Number or Serial Key has been disabled, here is some reason why and what you can do about it.

Why a Key/Serial could be Disabled:

In general, there are three reasons a key might have been disabled.

  1. If a key is registered by multiple users it can be disabled.
  2. If a key is part of a sale that has been refunded it can be disabled.
  3. If a key has been found distributed on public sites it can be disabled.

Our system automatically disables keys in some of the above situations, and we manually disable keys that we have found being distributed in breach of the software license agreement.

If your Key/Serial has been Disabled:

If your key or serial has been disabled and you do not think it relates to one of the reasons above please contact us via the ArtRage Members Support for help. Please let us know the key/serial in question and the original email address that was used to purchase it if you purchased it from us.

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