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Frequently Asked Questions

I get a ‘gdiplus.dll’ error when I try to start ArtRage on Windows 2000. How can I fix this?

If you get an error message which refers to gdiplus.dll when you try to launch ArtRage on Windows 2000, you can download the related file here from Microsoft’s site:


When you’ve downloaded the file, run it and it will create two folders, ‘asms’ and ‘idw’. The folder you want is: asms/10/msft/windows/gdiplus

From that gdiplus folder, copy ‘gdiplus.dll’ in to your ArtRage program folder (usually in C:Program FilesAmbient DesignArtRage 2, or C:Program FilesAmbient DesignArtRage Studio Pro etc.). Just make sure that the gdiplus.dll file is in the same location as your ArtRage.exe file (or ArtRage Studio Pro.exe file if you’re using Studio Pro etc.).

The application should now launch normally.

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