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Frequently Asked Questions

If when you try to paint, nothing is visible:

  • Check the current selected colour at the bottom right and make sure that it’s not set to white.
  • If you are using your finger, if you have previously set the app to use only a stylus, this could be the cause. Check your stylus preferences.

If when you try to paint, you see an eye icon appear, this indicates that the layer you are trying to paint on is hidden. Open the layer panel, and for the currently selected layer which is shown with a green highlight, tap the closed eye icon. This will show the layer contents and allow you to paint.

Because ArtRage mobile editions have capped canvas sizes, you may want to create larger images to print from. While it’s possible to export your ArtRage paintings as PNG image files, then resize them on your computer, this is not ideal as there will be some loss of quality.

Instead, you can record a script of your painting which can be played back on the full version of ArtRage for Windows or macOS. To record a script, make sure that ‘record script’ is enabled when creating a new painting file. Then, when you’re done painting, you can export the script file from your gallery, then play this file back in the desktop version at the size you prefer.

When you back up your iOS device using iTunes on a desktop or laptop computer all of the paintings you have created in ArtRage will also be backed up, along with any custom resources such as presets you create. This means that when you restore your device, all your content should also be installed.

You can also Export entire Groups of paintings to any of the standard export locations on your iOS device, including apps that support cloud services such as iCloud Drive, by tapping the Menu button to the right of the Group you want to export in the Gallery and selecting the ‘Export Group’ option.

Your paintings are stored in the /ArtRagePaintings folder on your device. You can freely copy ArtRage painting files to and from this folder.

If you are finding that any strokes you make look stepped, check that ‘snap to grid’ has not been enabled. Open the View menu, select ‘Grids’ and if the ‘Snap to grid’ option is checked, uncheck it.

To change the cursor in ArtRage, open the Edit Menu, select Preferences, then Cursors. You can select from the three different cursor types here. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts 1,2 and 3 at any time to change to the precise, outline and tool cursors respectively.

Absolutely! We just provide the tools for you to create with. Anything you make with ArtRage is yours to do with as you please.

Desktop Versions

There is no set maximum limit for paintings in the desktop version of ArtRage 5. The amount of memory your desktop computer has, and the increasing demands of working at large sizes with a simulation of real paint will be the limiting factor. You can download a demo of Artrage to try it out on your computer. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Mobile Versions

Mobile versions of ArtRage can create paintings up to 2048 x 2048 pixels in size. On the iPad Pro, you can create paintings up to 4096 x 4096 pixels in size.

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