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Frequently Asked Questions

ArtRage 3 Studio Pro and Artrage 4 were both available for purchase via Steam. Later versions are not available for purchase on that platform but you can still download your older software from your Steam Library.

Upgrading to Later Versions.

We provide upgrade discounts for customers who purchased ArtRage 3 Studio Pro or ArtRage 4 on Steam who want to upgrade to the current version of the product. If you own a Steam version you can claim your Upgrade Discount by following the standard steps for upgrading, which can be found here: Updating ArtRage, or Upgrading to a Newer Version of ArtRage.

Note that you will need your ArtRage Serial Number which can be located by selecting the ‘CD Key’ option to the right of the ArtRage page in your Steam Library.

Running ArtRage 4 for Steam on Windows XP.

ArtRage version 4.5 is not compatible with Windows XP but an older version of ArtRage 4 is available in the Beta branch of the product’s entry in your Steam Library. Right click on the ArtRage entry in your library list and select Properties, select the ‘Betas’ tab in the Properties window and choose the ‘XP Compatible’ entry from the beta opt in popup.

Once you have done that the older Windows XP compatible version will be downloaded.

Yes! This is controlled by the policies and technology of each individual store, but we have no restrictions on you using the ArtRage iOS and Android apps across multiple devices.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. ArtRage app licences are tied to your app store account.

This will mostly only apply to users who purchased through GALAXY Apps (or received it free from GALAXY Gifts) and want to use ArtRage on a non-Samsung device.

ArtRage for Windows or macOS:

When you purchase ArtRage or ArtRage Lite for Windows or macOS you receive an installer with the software product and a range of sample resources such as tool presets, sticker sheet, stencils, and more.

The software you receive does not require a Subscription – once you have paid for it you can use it for as long as you want with no further payments. We provide a free download service via the ArtRage Member Area that lets you download the installer for your product again whenever you need it if you have Registered your Serial Number there.

Updates to your version (for example, updating ArtRage 4.0 to 4.5) are provided free of charge, these usually include fixes for issues that appeared after release, and sometimes small feature updates.

Upgrades to new versions (for example upgrading ArtRage 4 to ArtRage 5) are given an upgrade discount to make the cost of the new version cheaper. These upgrades come with major feature additions.

We allow you to install ArtRage on more than one computer for your own use, so if you have a laptop and a desktop machine you can install on both from the same license.

ArtRage for iOS or Android:

When you purchase ArtRage for iOS or Android you receive the application and sample resources such as tool presets, downloaded from the store you used to make the purchase.

The App does not require a subscription and does not contain any in-App purchases so all of the features are available for use without further purchase.

If you download the Free version of ArtRage for Android (‘ArtRage Oil Painter Free’) you receive a limited feature set only, but the product does not require a purchase to use the features it provides. It does contain a ‘Purchase’ button allowing you to purchase the full version of ArtRage for Android but it does not contain advertising from other companies.

We have purchase links for all versions of ArtRage on our Buy page.

Visit that page and select the version you want ( ArtRage 5 or ArtRage Lite for Windows or macOS, ArtRage for iOS for iPad and iPhone, and ArtRage for Android if you have an Android device ). You will then be taken to the appropriate web store to make the purchase.

I just bought ArtRage and I haven’t received a serial number!

If you purchased ArtRage online through our website then you should receive a purchase confirmation emailing containing a direct download link and a serial number for ArtRage from our store.

If you have purchased the desktop version, there are download links for Windows and Mac OS X and a single serial number you can use on either or both.

If you did not receive a purchase email at all or deleted it

If you do not see an email from us at all, the first thing to do is check your spam folder.

If it’s not there, then give it a couple of hours. Normally it should be received within a few minutes, but in a few rare cases the email delivery could be delayed.

However, if it was blocked from ever reaching you, or if it has since been deleted, contact us directly via our Support form. We will be able to look your purchase details up if you provide the email that you purchased with (or your postal address).

You do not need the download link in the email to install ArtRage, as you can register the serial in our Members Area and download the latest version whenever you wish.

Also See: How do I register my copy of ArtRage?

If you did not purchase ArtRage directly from us, then see How do I find out what my serial number is?

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