General Updates: ArtRage 5, Wacom Serial Numbers & Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra)

Updates on ArtRage 5 and Wacom User Problems


The ArtRage 5 Release Date is… not quite here yet!

We know you’ve been waiting very patiently for ArtRage 5, and it’s not quite here yet, but we’re now in the final stages of testing and putting the program together and we hope to make an announcement about release dates in the next week or so.

Software development can be a bit unpredictable (we’ve made some last minute changes to the fill tool and perspective only this week!), and we need to make sure we’ve found and fixed as many bugs as possible rather than rushing it out quickly. While we would love to just publish ArtRage 5 already, we know that will just cause more problems for us and our users, and we pride ourself on making sure our software is reliable, quality, programming.

The good news is that means the 50% off sale on the current editions is still going, so new users still have a chance to secure their discount on ArtRage 5. Anyone who owns ArtRage Lite or an older edition can wait until ArtRage 5 is released, or upgrade now to get ArtRage 4 for only $12.45, which is the lowest price the full edition of ArtRage has ever been, or ever will be.

ArtRage 5 Art Contest

We haven’t forgotten about the art contest! We’ve narrowed down the pool of contest entries to a mere 80 paintings out of 250, so we may be able to announce the winners next week! (It’s really hard choosing. Why did so many of you have to be good artists?).

Can’t Find Your Intuos Draw Serial for ArtRage Lite?

We have been getting a lot of emails from new Intuos Draw owners who can’t find their ArtRage serial number.If you got ArtRage Lite as a free download with your Wacom Intuos Draw tablet, Wacom has changed their registration process and no longer emails the serial out. You should be able to view your ArtRage serial by logging back into their website and looking in the ‘My Library’ section. If you’re having problems following the steps, see this Wacom registration guide.

If you can’t find it, contact Wacom support and they should be able to help you (unfortunately, we don’t have access to your account with Wacom). If you have used up your downloads, or need to switch from Windows to Mac OSX (or vice versa), just register your serial in our member area to download your software as needed.

We recommend using our ArtRage 4 demo until you get everything sorted.

ArtRage on Sierra

ArtRage Lite and 4 are fully compatible with Sierra (OS 10.12), but the latest Wacom drivers are not. We have had many reports from users of the stylus just moving the canvas around. This might be fixed by uninstalling the current driver and installing an older version (e.g. 6.18.4 or 6.15.3), but you may need to wait for Wacom to bring out an update.

ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro users should make sure they are running 3.5.12, as it includes important compatibility fixes for OS 10.9 and later. You can always download the latest version from the member area.

Wacom Problems on Mac OSX

ArtRage users with older versions of OSX may also be seeing strange behaviour, like only being able to draw straight lines. This is due to drivers telling ArtRage that the sticky keys like CTRL or SHIFT are being held down. You can fix it by going back to an older driver. See this forum thread for further details.