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New in 5:

  • Perspective Layout Tool
  • Custom Brush Designer
  • Layer Effects
  • Flexible UI Layout
  • And More…


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About ArtRage

Naturally Awesome Painting Software

ArtRage 5 is the 2017 edition of a unique digital art program for Windows and Mac OSX. ArtRage offers a full range of traditional media alongside professional, digital tools and utilities. ArtRage balances the intuitive simplicity of natural painting techniques with the enormous flexibility of both traditional and digital media, allowing artists of all ages and skill levels to switch seamlessly between traditional and digital art.

While ArtRage has always been well known for its intuitive interface, textured oils, and rich traditional effects, version 5 introduces some features aimed at the more advanced digital artist, as well as enhancements to its existing tools. Along with improved Pencil and Pastel, ArtRage 5 introduces an entirely new optional user interface, Perspective and Layout Guides, a Custom Brush tool with designer, Warp filter, Layer Effects, and the ability to handle multiple documents. It’s also faster and more stable than ever!

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About ArtRage
Oils in ArtRage 5
Colored Pencil Kestrel Art
Custom Brush in ArtRage 5
Pastel in ArtRage 5
New in ArtRage 5


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For Windows & Mac OS X
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New in 5

New Tools

ArtRage 5 comes with several major new painting and editing tools, including a Custom Brush with its own Brush Designer, Perspective Layout, Guides, and a more realistic Pencil tool.

Layer Effects & Filters

ArtRage 5 adds dynamic Layer Effects that allow you to add highlights, drop shadows, emboss effects and more to your layer content. It also includes a new Warp Filter for smooth distortion effects.

Improved Interface

The entire interface has been redesigned to create a cleaner and more intuitive workspace. Along with a complete reworking of every icon and menu, ArtRage 5 includes the option of a sleek ‘Docking’ mode that allows you to fully customize your layout with floating and docking panels. ‘Lights Out’ mode allows you to flip the entire interface over to a dark mode more suited to studio work.

Graphic Design

Enhance your layout with Perspective…

steve goad landscape
Custom Brush

Create the perfect brush with the new designer…

Improved Interface

Modify the interface to suit your workflow…

New in ArtRage 5
Enhanced Fill

Easily create smooth flood fills…

New in ArtRage 5
Layer Effects

Add special effects to your Layers…

New in ArtRage 5
Improved Pencil

Sketch naturally with the improved pencil…

ArtRage 5 preserves the rich traditional media effects and intuitive interface that make it a unique digital painting experience, but adds a whole new level of professional tools to the feature set. ArtRage has come a long way since it was a free oil painting simulation back in 2007, and with the release of ArtRage 5 in January 2017 it completes its evolution into seriously awesome painting software.

The new edition offers improved speed and processing power, so ArtRage now performs better than previous editions of ArtRage on the same hardware. ArtRage 5 also includes extra features to streamline workflow, like multiple document support and a dedicated Transform mode interface.

Learn New Tricks With ArtRage 5!

Nick Harris Circus ArtRage 5
  • UI Redesign
  • Docking Mode
  • Lights Out Mode
  • Multiple Document Support
  • Transform Mode


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In Action

Behind the Scenes

Watch as artist Nick Harris creates the circus scene from our banner in ArtRage 5.

ImagineFX Video (click to play)

phil galloway oils close up

Portrait in Oils

Traditional oil painter Phil Galloway experiments with the Oil Brush in ArtRage
  • Strong strokes of the oil brush block out the colors and shapes of the face.
  • Dry brush strokes add texture around the edges, creating an abstract transition from the solid dabs of the face to the texture of the canvas.
  • Thick paint from the Paint Tube was is worked into the paint with the Palette Knife and Oil brush, creating chunky impasto effects.

See more digital oil painting by Phil Galloway.

Learn about the Oil Brush.

steve goad closeups

Alien Landscape Using Custom Brushes

A digital science fiction landscape by Steve Goad using custom brushes

This painting, commissioned for the Splash Screen of the product, makes full use of ArtRage 5’s digital capabilities, working almost exclusively with the Custom Brush tool to create everything from reflections in the ice to the rose petals drifting across the sky. In this piece, Steve wanted to share the inspiration and creative possibilities he finds in ArtRage.

See more digital art by Steve Goad.

Learn about the Custom Brush and the Brush Designer.

kestrel pencil close ups

Kestrel Illustration in Colored Pencil

Real world pencil techniques

Realistic pencil drawings are always impressive, and a digital realistic pencil drawing is no exception. The kestrel was painstakingly shaded and blended using real world techniques with the ArtRage 5 Pencil on a single layer with a sketch paper canvas. Each stroke built up color, until the paper was covered in a solid layer of blended pigment. A subtle background wash was added by softening pencil color with a wet palette knife, mimicking a watercolor pencil effect.

Learn about the Pencil tool.

ArtRage Screenshots


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ArtRage on Social Media:

ArtRage has an active community across a range of social media sites. Follow the official accounts for updates and support, and find groups where you can interact with other users and share your art, learn from ArtRage artists and discover new inspiration!

ArtRage Communities

Find art, tutorials, and other artists!

The ArtRage Website

Visit the Featured Artists section for inspiring interviews and amazing artwork, and see the Tutorials section for guides on tools and the techniques you can use with them in the product.

The Online Manual offers detailed technical descriptions of the features of ArtRage, and additional resources.

The ArtRage Forums are a great place to find other artists, community resource downloads, and to share your art with one of the friendliest groups of people on the internet!

Other Editions

ArtRage is also available for iOS and Android! Get ArtRage on every device you own and work with familiar tools and options whenever you want to draw.

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