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How to Understand Canvas Size

Canvas Size Properties: The Advanced Technical Explanation What Are Pixels?Pixels are the units of the internet. Every image on your screen is made up out of many, many little pixel dots, and this is what you are ‘painting’ with.Every digital image contains a specific number of pixels, and the size of your canvas is literally just picking how many pixels you want to start with. The bigger your image, the more detail you can add, and the larger you can print. However, ...


What Are Scripts? ArtRage scripts are recordings that can be played back in the desktop editions of ArtRage. Scripts allow you to record an entire painting process and play it back later, or create simple recorded actions. ArtRage allows script recording or playback in most editions for desktop and mobile.A script records every action taken by the program and plays it back exactly to recreate a painting. Scripts are not video files and are only usable by ArtRage, but can be ...

Script Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Common Script Problems Simple recorded painting scripts are usually quite reliable, especially in the latest edition, but you may run into issues during playback. This guide covers scripts recorded normally in ArtRage. We cannot offer in depth support for custom scripts, but we recommend reading the Programmer's Guide or posting in the Scripting Support forums if you are having trouble. The issues you are most likely to encounter are:Unrecorded actions. If you paused the script, then changed tools or layers before starting the script ...
ArtRage Blending Tutorial

Blend Modes

Blend Modes Blend Modes can be used to tell layers to interact with layers beneath them in different ways. Bump blend modes affect the bump (texture) results, and layer blend modes affect the colors of different layers.Layer Blend ModesBy setting Blend Modes you can make paint darken paint below, tint it, or otherwise adjust it. ArtRage provides a number of Blend Modes, including standard ones from Adobe Photoshop and some of its own. The default Blend Mode applied to each Layer is ‘Normal’, which means ...
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Natural Media Tools

Natural Media Painting & Drawing Tools ArtRage is primarily a natural media painting program and offers a range of realistic tools based on real world traditional media, but also offers powerful customizable digital brushes. These tools don't just look like their real world inspirations, they act like them too. Watercolors wash away with water, oils build up thick textures strokes, pencils softly shade, felt pens blend, and they all respond to the underlying canvas texture.Every tool comes with a range of ...
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