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main menu button in artrage for ipad

ArtRage for iPad Help

ArtRage for iPad Manual. The ArtRage for iPad app is a fully featured natural media painting app for iPads. It includes a quick start guide, which will help introduce you to the various tools and menus, as well as these online help pages. The online manual covers more advanced topics, and will help you figure out how to get the most out of the ArtRage app. Learn more about ArtRage for iPad...
Layer Options for ArtRage for iPad 2.0

ArtRage for iPad Layers

What Are Layers? ArtRage Paintings are made of a stack of transparent ‘layers’, each of which can have its own painted content. Each layer can be edited without changing the content of other layers, so you can edit parts of your painting without fear of damaging others. Layers are like transparent sheets of plastic, where there is no paint on a layer you can see the layers beneath, they can be moved around independently, and their order changed to adjust the ...
tools ArtRage for iPad 2.0

ArtRage for iPad Tools

ArtRage for iPad Painting & Drawing Tools. Tools are selected on the left hand side of your iPad using the Tool Picker. In the bottom left corner is a Tool Pod that shows you the currently selected tool. Tap this pod and the Tool Picker appears. Tap on a tool in the picker to select it. Learn how to make the most of your tools available and discover shortcuts.
artrage for ipad gallery view

ArtRage for iPad Files

ArtRage for iPad File Handling - A guide to saving your paintings, using the gallery, scripts and export and import options. The Gallery in ArtRage contains all of your Painting Files. When you save a painting, it is saved in to a group in the Gallery and to load it again all you need to do is return there using the Main Menu and select the painting to load. Learn how to best manage your files, import/export different file formats, and ...
Cat drawing tracing reference

ArtRage for iPad Tracing & References

You can import photos and other pictures as tracing or reference images, to help you draw more easily. Tracing Images are images overlaid on the ArtRage canvas to act as a guide while you are painting. The image is partially transparent on top of your paint so you can still see what you are painting beneath. Reference Images are images that are pinned to your canvas while painting. Like Tracing Images they act as a guide while you work.
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