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Tracing and References

Tracing and References ArtRage provides a range of tools to help you recreate existing images as paintings or guide you while you paint: Tracing Images and References. Tracing Images are existing images that can be loaded in to ArtRage and projected on to your canvas to help you choose colors as you paint. References are items that are pinned to the canvas to give you a guide while painting. They can be existing images, ‘scraps’ of paper to sketch ideas on or mix paint on, or views that ...


Transformation System If you want to change the size, position, or rotation of something on your Canvas you can use the Transformation system. This system allows you to take all or part of a layer, a sticker, or text that you have entered and freely edit these properties. Items that can be transformed are: Paint Layers, Text Layers, Sticker Layers, and Stencils.Your cursor will change as you pass over the handles and areas of the transform area to indicate that you can drag. Exactly what happens when ...


ArtRage Canvas Selections ArtRage allows you to mark areas of your Canvas with a Selection. When an area is selected the operations you carry out are limited to that specific area. For example if you select an area then paint, the paint will only be applied inside the area you selected. Think of Selections as easy masking tools allowing you to block off areas of the Canvas you do not want to change. This section explains what you can do with selections and how you can manipulate them. ...
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Layer Organization

Organizing Your Layers in ArtRage Layers are a powerful tool that can allow you to quickly make changes to your painting without damaging paint above or below, but understanding them can be difficult. This section explains what layers are and how to add, remove, and organize, them.What are Layers? Layers are like sheets of transparent paper that can be stacked on top of each other and painted on. As many of these sheets can be stacked on top of each other as you like, and you can ...
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ArtRage Canvas The ArtRage Canvas is the sheet of material on to which all of your paint strokes go. It sits underneath your Layers and acts as a backdrop for everything you do. This section explains how you can navigate around your Canvas and how to change its visual and textural properties.Navigating the Canvas As you work with ArtRage you may find you want to change the position of the Canvas, or rotate it or zoom in or out to see different detail. There are a number of ...
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