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Use Guides as Horizontal and Vertical Ruler LinesGuides allow you to easily add straight lines vertically and horizontally on your canvas as reference lines or as drawing guides in ArtRage 5.Guides are useful for planning out composition (rule of thirds, spacing, measuring across to make sure details are lined up), drawing straight lines, and placing transformed objects.Adding GuidesYou can quickly add new Guides using the three little buttons in the top left of the canvas. You can add either a single ...
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Add Grids to Canvas and Reference ImagesNote: Screenshots are from ArtRage 4.5. Accessing the Grid The Grid menu can be opened from the crosshatch symbol that can be found in the top row of buttons or by going to View > Grids.ArtRage 4.5 menu from Windows versionThis will bring up the Grid menu. All the menu settings can be changed as you paint.You can also open the Grid, or quickly toggle the Grid visibility and the Snap To Grid setting by going ...
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