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ArtRage Android tracing image

ArtRage for Android Tracing Images

How to use Tracing Images in ArtRage for Android? Load a Tracing Image as a guide while you paint. ArtRage can be set to pick colors from it automatically with each stroke. Tracing Images can be loaded from your Photo gallery, or directly from the camera by taking a new photograph. This acts as a translucent layer over your existing painting that cannot be drawn on. It acts as a drawing guide, and you can pick colours from it...


Application Preferences / Keyboard Shortcuts ArtRage provides two main areas of customization that are accessed from the Edit menu: Application Preferences and Keyboard Shortcuts.The Preferences Panel The Preferences Panel presents a series of categories of settings for various elements of the product. To open the panel use the Preferences Panel item in the Edit menu. The Preferences Panel contains a series of groups of settings. Click a grey header and its settings will become available. Click again and the group will close. The menu at ...
ArtRage 4 interface

The ArtRage Interface

Learning about the ArtRage Interface. This section explains where you can find the tools and options you will need while painting, what the various types of control in the products are and how they work, and how to change the layout of your workspace. Discover the ArtRage Window, Pods, and Panels. Learn about the painting canvas and it's resource picker, etc.
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