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Toolbox and Workbench

ArtRage Toolbox When you’re working on a project that uses a small set of tools you might not want to have the entire interface visible constantly. The ArtRage Toolbox lets you gather a set of tools, colors, and utilities that are relevant to the specific project you’re working on in to a single panel that can be used in place of the main interface. When you’ve gathered your tools together, Workbench Mode lets you collapse the entire interface in to a single toolbar and work in a focused ...

Recording & Playing Scripts

Working With Script Files in ArtRage Script Files are a way to record and play back the process of creating a painting so that it can be played back later to reconstruct the painting from a clear canvas, stroke by stroke. Script files are easy to share with other users and can also record annotations, allowing you to make notes while you paint to display during playback for the easy creation of tutorials. Because Script Files record the process of making each stroke rather than the result they ...

Package Files

ArtRage Package Files Package Files are a convenient way to share custom content with other users by gathering items together in to a single file that can then be installed on another computer. Each Package File can contain multiple different types of custom content including Stencils, Stickers, Presets, and even Scripts. Installing a package file places all of its contents in to the correct folder on disk and store a receipt which allows you to uninstall the contents later if you wish.Installing and Managing Package Files Package files have ...


Application Preferences / Keyboard Shortcuts ArtRage provides two main areas of customization that are accessed from the Edit menu: Application Preferences and Keyboard Shortcuts.The Preferences Panel The Preferences Panel presents a series of categories of settings for various elements of the product. To open the panel use the Preferences Panel item in the Edit menu. The Preferences Panel contains a series of groups of settings. Click a grey header and its settings will become available. Click again and the group will close. The menu at ...
color layer adjust filter artrage 5


ArtRage Image Adjustment / Filters ArtRage provides six default filters for adjusting image colors and adding effects. These can be found under Edit > Filters.Default FiltersArtRage 5 includes built in filters for noise, blur, color editing, warp (liquefy), and cleaning up white backgrounds. Blur Layer, Adjust Layer Colors, and Add Noise were also in ArtRage 4. WarpUse the Warp tool to distort, swirl, and liquify the paint on a layer. Helpful for fine adjustments, fisheye and bokeh effects, or crazy patterns Remove ...
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