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TextToolIcon ArtRage 5 quick start guide


Text Tool The Text Tool allows you to place editable text on your Canvas using standard fonts and formatting. Text can be rescaled and rotated, or imported from Photoshop files.To add text with the Text Tool, just click where you want it to begin and start typing. If you click where there is already text, that text will be made active for editing. If you have clicked a blank area of the Canvas a new text layer is created instead.You cannot use most ...


ArtRage Stickers Stickers are individual images that can be peeled off a sheet and stuck to your Canvas, or sprayed on to the Canvas using the Sticker Spray tool. Stickers can be anything from objects such as sparkly gold stars, pebbles, and leaves to artistic effect stickers that simulate painting styles. This section shows you how to use stickers in your painting and how to create new ones.Sticker PropertiesStickers can contain more than just color information. Each sticker can have its own texture and even its own reflectivity, ...


ArtRage Stencils Stencils are used to create precise shapes or lines on your Canvas. They work just like a piece of plastic or wood placed on the Canvas, allowing you to paint over them without the paint applying to the Canvas beneath, or draw around them to make outlines.Stencil Modes Stencils come in three different types which have different properties on your Canvas: Stencil, Ruler, and Guide. Stencils you place on the Canvas can be switched between these modes whenever you like.Stencil TransparencyLike real world stencils, ArtRage stencils ...

Tracing and References

Tracing and References ArtRage provides a range of tools to help you recreate existing images as paintings or guide you while you paint: Tracing Images and References. Tracing Images are existing images that can be loaded in to ArtRage and projected on to your canvas to help you choose colors as you paint. References are items that are pinned to the canvas to give you a guide while painting. They can be existing images, ‘scraps’ of paper to sketch ideas on or mix paint on, or views that ...


Transformation System If you want to change the size, position, or rotation of something on your Canvas you can use the Transformation system. This system allows you to take all or part of a layer, a sticker, or text that you have entered and freely edit these properties. Items that can be transformed are: Paint Layers, Text Layers, Sticker Layers, and Stencils.Your cursor will change as you pass over the handles and areas of the transform area to indicate that you can drag. Exactly what happens when ...
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