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ArtRage 2
The ArtRage interface sticks to the edges of the screen and can be retracted when you want to save space.ArtRage treats your paint like the real thing, so you can smear and blend it on the canvas.Stencils block out areas of the canvas, while rulers can be used to create precise lines freehand.Each tool has settings that allow you adjust its properties and try out a wide range of artistic styles.Tracing and Reference Images let you recreate your existing photos as paintings.You can import your existing photos directly and smear them around as if they were painted in oil, giving them a more natural look.

ArtRage 2 – Full Edition


ArtRage is a powerful, intuitive painting package that makes it easy to produce natural looking artwork on your computer.

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ArtRage 2 has a set of familiar painting and drawing tools like oil paints and pencils, and features like tracing images that make it easy for anyone to get in to painting.

It’s ideal for anyone who wants to paint or draw on their computer, regardless of skill level.

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ArtRage 2 is no longer on sale: Find the new and improved version of ArtRage available below.