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Fantasy Art for Beginners

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Jon Hodgson is a professional fantasy illustrator who has been using ArtRage, along with other programs, since ArtRage 2. We have an enormous respect for his skills at Ambient Design and highly recommend anything he’s ever written on the topic of illustration. This book covers both traditional and digital skills, and covers ArtRage 2, Corel Painter, GIMP and Adobe Photoshop. While it may be a few years old, the techniques and tips are just as relevant as they were when it was first published.

This is a comprehensive guide that will lead beginners through the approaches and techniques needed to create great fantasy art. Part One provides a thorough grounding in all the theoretical and practical skills. Part Two shows how to put these skills into practice in a series of step-by-step demonstrations.

You can read our artist interview with Jon Hodgson here to see how he’s using ArtRage two editions later!

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