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ArtRage 2 & ArtRage Starter Edition release history

A timeline of version updates to ArtRage 2Related FAQsUpgrade ArtRage at 50% off ArtRage 4 Update History ArtRage Studio & Studio Pro Update History ArtRage for iPad Update History ArtRage for iPhone version update history What are the different ArtRage editions? ArtRage as Bundled Software ArtRage Supported Platforms & Devices ArtRage 2 Shortcuts How to Register ArtRageThis first official edition of ArtRage has a slightly confusing history. It was released as multiple editions for different audiences, companies and platforms, but over time it has become a single program, as the ...

ArtRage as Bundled Software

ArtRage as Bundled SoftwareArtRage comes along with the purchase of a number of devices, such as Wacom tablets, Surface Pro Tablets, Adesso Cybertablets and Sony VAIO laptops. We do not have direct control over how ArtRage is packaged, which the specific devices the retailer bundles ArtRage with, but all the possible devices are fully compatible with ArtRage (barring unusual software configurations, bugs, or out of date drivers).You can learn more about ArtRage as bundled software here.

What devices and operating systems does ArtRage support?

What devices and operating systems does ArtRage work with?ArtRage is compatible with wide range of devices, as well as iOS, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems. While we try and ensure that ArtRage will work with as many systems as possible, some older operating systems will not work with newer editions of ArtRage.You can see a full overview here: ArtRage Supported Platforms & DevicesI know the model. Can I just ask you if it will work with ArtRage? Unfortunately we ...

What Does PTG Stand For?

What is the PTG Extension?ArtRage paintings all use a unique, proprietary, file type, the .PTG extension. The file type can only be opened by ArtRage and can be used across all the different editions (including the free demos and iOS versions).The reason we use a special file type is because ArtRage needs a way to preserve all the unique traditional painting aspects of the program, such as paint thickness, canvas texture, realistic colour mixing, lighting and how the different media should ...