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ArtRage 4 is an entire artist's kit wrapped up in a single computer program

How to Give Someone ArtRage for Christmas (or Holiday Event of Your Choice)

Did You Know That You Can Buy ArtRage For Other People? ArtRage makes a great last minute gift, because you can order it online and download it instantly. Or let the recipient download it themselves. You don't have to choose between Mac OS and Windows, as ArtRage lets you use both, and works reliably across a wide range of computers. It is suitable for beginners and professionals alike, and is an affordable, powerful substitute for real world paints. There's no clean up, ...

Wacom Tablet Serial Numbers

Where do I get my serial number for my Wacom tablet? Wacom bundles ArtRage in two different ways: CD-ROM or software download. If it was on a CD, then the serial number should be printed on the CD case. If ArtRage was included as a software download, then there should be a Software Bundle Download Code printed somewhere on the packaging. If you bought an Intuos Draw, see ArtRage Lite - Wacom Users for help locating your SBD code. You would register this ...