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7 Color Bird by Albert Root (Screenpainter GZAirborne)

In Memory of Albert Root

Albert Root (GZAirborne & Screenpainter): An Artist's Legacy  On March 10th, 2015, Albert Root passed away. Albert was a huge part of the ArtRage community. He first joined the forums in 2007 as GZAirborne, later changing his username to Screenpainter. While active in the forums he was always helpful and kind. He was also a major part of ArtRageUS, an artist-run ArtRage magazine, and founded the ArtRage Facebook Group. While he hadn't been as active recently, he was still very well ...

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ArtRage Flickr Art Slideshow

ArtRage Flickr Art Slideshow Flickr (pronounced "flicker") is a free image hosting website, many of our ArtRage artists use and enjoy sharing their artwork masterpieces upon. It can help get your artwork out there, seen and admired by others. Get feedback and ideas. You can also browse around and get inspired yourself. Check out a slideshow gallery of drawings and paintings from ArtRage desktop and iPad versions posted on FlickrYou can simply browse as a guest or login using a Yahoo account ...