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A rose painted in ArtRage Oil Painter Free

ArtRage Oil Painter Free Released for Android

A Holiday Gift for ArtRage Users!  ArtRage Oil Painter Free is a painting app featuring realistic oil paints with texture and color mixing. This app is our gift to the ArtRage community for Christmas, Yaldā, Winter Solstice, Yule, Mawlid an-Nabī, Hannukah, Pancha Ganapati (and any other celebrations we missed)!ArtRage Oil Painter Free is the basic version of our powerful ArtRage for Android app and ArtRage desktop programs, which focuses exclusively on our popular Oil Brush tool, featuring four Oil brush presets that ...

Can I open my ArtRage PTG files in a different version?

Opening PTG files in a different version of ArtRage Yes. All versions of ArtRage, including the iPad and the Demo, create PTG files and can open and edit these. So any paintings you create in one version (e.g. the Demo) can be continued with another version (e.g. the iPad or ArtRage 4).Note: If you import an extremely large painting to the iPad, then you may run out of memory.
ArtRage 4 Demo Scream

ArtRage 4 Demo Now Available

ArtRage 4 Demo The ArtRage 4 Demo Version is now available.You will be downloading a no time limited, fully functional trial version of ArtRage 4 - Natural Painting Software for PC or Mac. Get your creative artist juices flowing out onto a realistic canvas, without the mess. Find out what others have been raving about. Price: Free to try! The Demo version contains all the features of the Full Version of ArtRage 4 with limited save, export, and custom content features. Thank you for ...

ArtRage 3.5 Studio Pro Demo Now Available

ArtRage Studio Pro Demo Download a free trail version of ArtRage and discover realistic natural art tools for your PC. Our ArtRage Demos have been updated with version 3.5 of the Studio Pro Demo. This 30 day demo offers you the chance to try out the features of the latest version of ArtRage Studio Pro, including save and export of images up to 1280 x 1024 in size. ArtRage Studio Pro offers you a range of digital editing tools, realistic watercolors and custom brushes/stickers. To ...