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available at amazon

ArtRage Now Available on

ArtRage can now be downloaded from Amazon! ArtRage for Windows, Mac OSX and Android is now on Amazon! This means we can offer some fairly exciting new things, including educational discounts for students in the US.Reviews If you already own ArtRage and have spent years going ‘this program is so great, I wish I could just write a glowing review on a website somewhere so everybody knows how I feel about it’, then here’s your chance! Reviews are hugely important on Amazon, and aren’t ...

How do I find out what version of ArtRage I have?

What version of ArtRage am I using? To check what version of ArtRage you have, go to the Help panel and choose the ‘About ArtRage’ option (shortcut CTRL+1). A pop up panel about ArtRage will appear. It will have the version number somewhere on the panel.ArtRage 4 – Bottom right in small letters ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro – Top right ArtRage 2 – Second box from the bottomAll Versions Purchased on Steam If you've purchased ArtRage Studio Pro or Artrage 4 via the Steam ...

Can’t install/run ArtRage Touch from Windows App Store

Can't install or run ArtRage Touch from the Windows App Store If you are having problems installing or accessing ArtRage Touch, this is usually due to a licence or connection problem between your computer and the Windows App Store. Unfortunately, we can't help directly with most of these issues, but there are a few steps that we can suggest to fix this.Check ConnectionCheck that your device is connected to the internet properly. If you are connecting through a proxy or have an antivirus ...

ArtRage not showing up in the Samsung Apps store

If you cannot find ArtRage when searching Samsung Apps on your device, this is because you are using an out of date version of the App store.To Fix This:Update Samsung Apps to GALAXY Apps Restart your device ArtRage should then appear in the store
ArtRage 4 is an entire artist's kit wrapped up in a single computer program

So You Just Got ArtRage For Christmas?

A Getting Started Guide for Everyone Who Just Got ArtRage For ChristmasThis is a basic guide to registering ArtRage and getting started with the program all those amazing new users who join our community at Christmas time. ArtRage is a digital painting program that is designed to be realistic and intuitive. We want you to just open up the canvas and start splashing paint around, rather than have to fight with settings and digital editing tools. ArtRage is suitable for kids, and ...
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