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Replies to iTunes Reviews

ArtRage for iPad 2.0 was a pretty major update, and it came with few changes and, alas, a few bugs. We can't respond to reviews left on the iTunes App Store, but we've noticed that people are asking questions and reporting issues there, So we decided to answer them here and hope our answers are useful to somebody. Most of the problems have now been fixed, or will be fixed in the next update.

“An error occurred on attempting to create an object” installing ArtRage on Mac OSX

If you get the error "An error occurred on attempting to create an object" when installing ArtRage on Mac OSX, you need to drag the ArtRage icon to the Applications folderThis will install ArtRage and allow you to open it.
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Having Problems With ArtRage? Contact us!

Are you having problems with ArtRage? It's probably very easy to fix!   Every now and then we hear about people who have been putting up with ArtRage crashing for the past couple of years, or have given up on the program because they can't get it to work with their operating system, or are just really frustrated with this one weird glitch. This always makes us feel sad because most of these problems are actually very easy to solve. We pride ourselves ...
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ArtRage for iPad 1.6 Problems on iOS9

Experiencing crashes in iOS9? If you are experiencing issues with ArtRage for iPad in iOS9, then we are aware of it and are working on getting a fixed version out. The main problem we are hearing about is that the Wacom stylus SDK (software) isn't fully compatible with iOS9, and is causing crashes.Turning off the Wacom preference in the iPad's Settings app should avoid the crashes for now.This should be resolved when we bring out the ArtRage for iPad 2.0 update. ...

ArtRage not showing up in the Samsung Apps store

If you cannot find ArtRage when searching Samsung Apps on your device, this is because you are using an out of date version of the App store.To Fix This:Update Samsung Apps to GALAXY Apps Restart your device ArtRage should then appear in the store
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