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How can I export a transparent image?

Which export file formats support transparency in ArtRage?ArtRage fully supports transparency in its native PTG format, but if you want to export a transparent image, you need to use PNG, PSD or TIFF file formats. ArtRage does not support transparency when exporting to JPG, GIF and BMP.Notes: Make sure that the layer or canvas you are currently exporting is already transparent in ArtRage.TIFF transparency is only supported when exporting individual layers from the layers menu. It is not supported when ...

How to export / upload painting files?

Why can't I upload painting files to the internet or open it in other programs? If you wish to upload an ArtRage painting to Facebook, DeviantART, Flickr, or any other website, or open it with other programs like Photoshop, Gimp or MSPaint, then you need to export your painting. ArtRage uses the proprietary PTG format. This cannot be read by any other program. To create a JPEG, PSD, BMP, TIFF, GIF or PNG file, you need to go to:File > Export As ...

Can I share my ArtRage paintings from the iPad?

How to share paintings from the iPadCan I transfer between the iPad and the desktop version of ArtRage? You certainly can transfer to and from the iPad. The iPad has a range of export options in three image formats (JPG, PNG, PTG).Choose the Export menu (the small arrow in the centre of the bottom menu bar) while in the gallery view to access the options.Send to the iPad ‘My Photos’ Folder (JPG) Send to iTunes (JPG or PNG) Email it from the iPad (JPG, ...