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Digital Art Gallery

Digital Art Gallery for our ArtRage members We’ve just launched a new user art gallery that allows categorization of user images, with more features to come. If you’ve uploaded images, head to the Gallery now and you can sort them out in to categories for easy browsing. As part of this process we have also linked Forum and Member accounts. If you have a Forum account, head to the Member Area and log in to claim it and link your accounts. Once ...

ArtRage at Future/Canvas – iPad Art Gallery

Future/Canvas - iPad Art GalleryFuture/Canvas was created as a way to showcase cutting-edge iPad art. Check out a video of the iPad Art Gallery at the Future/Canvas event, including ArtRage artists at work. Artists: Bo Paweena, Barbara Lietzow and David Newman.You can become a mobile digital artist yourself with ArtRage for iPad. Our application provides you with the experience of “natural painting” even on an iPad canvas. Whether you're a beginner just starting out or a professional artist, doesn't matter. ...