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How to import photos into ArtRage for iPad

There are three different ways to import a photograph as paint to work on directly in the iPad app.1. Start a new painting from an imported photo.To do this, go to the Gallery view, click the '+' symbol in the top right, and choose 'Import Image'. This will automatically create a new image as close to the size of the imported image that ArtRage supports (the max size is 2048x2048).2. Import a photo into a layer in your current painting.Open the Layers menu, and tap ...

Can I share my ArtRage paintings from the iPad?

How to share paintings from the iPadCan I transfer between the iPad and the desktop version of ArtRage? You certainly can transfer to and from the iPad. The iPad has a range of export options in three image formats (JPG, PNG, PTG).Choose the Export menu (the small arrow in the centre of the bottom menu bar) while in the gallery view to access the options.Send to the iPad ‘My Photos’ Folder (JPG) Send to iTunes (JPG or PNG) Email it from the iPad (JPG, ...

Import from Photoshop failed?

Why can't I import my Photoshop documents? Check that you are not trying to import a CMYK document. ArtRage is an RGB application and does not currently support CMYK.If you are using the old, free version of ArtRage 2, then you will not be able to import documents with multiple layers as ArtRage Starter Edition does not have layer support.