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Can I install ArtRage on an additional computer?

I want to install ArtRage on an additional computer, is this ok? If you want to install ArtRage on one additional computer for your own use, that is ok with us.The purchased ArtRage serial key is for a single user, but allows up to two different computer installations within the same network. This can be either Windows and/or Mac OS-X, providing you with a download installation file for each platform.If you wish to use more computers than this, then please contact us ...

Purchased ArtRage download details?

I purchased ArtRage but I haven't received any download info After you complete your purchase of ArtRage from our online store, you should see download links displayed for Windows and OS X. Click the download link for your operating system to download the ArtRage installer. If you have closed the page, the online store also sends you an email with your serial number and download links for ArtRage. Click the link in the email to download the ArtRage installer.If you have any ...