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Charcoal Art Tutorial

Drawing with Charcoal in ArtRage 4

How To Create A Realistic Charcoal Drawing in ArtRage 4 Using Traditional Techniques This tutorial shows you how to sketch out a charcoal-style portrait in ArtRage, using traditional charcoal drawing techniques. The steps in this tutorial follow the traditional process of laying down backgrounds, then adding detail through darker tones and a kneaded eraser, as well as using a tortillion or finger-like smudge tool.ArtRage allows you to learn and use traditional media, as well as retaining all the benefits of digital art. ...
sticker spray tycho object spray

Sticker Sprays 1: Creating A Custom Sticker

How to Create A Custom Sticker in ArtRageDid you know that you can create custom brushes? The ArtRage Sticker Spray feature is an extremely powerful tool with an intimidating range of options. Any Sticker you add to ArtRage can be used to create a Sticker Spray, and any Sticker Spray can be customised in almost any way that you can think of, so you can use it to create custom brushes using your own images, whether that's a random scatter ...
abba studios artrage 4.5 video tutorials

ArtRage 4 & 4.5 Features: Tutorials from Abba Studios

Art Video Tutorials Showing Exclusive ArtRage 4 Features From Abba StudiosAbba Studios has created a collection of short videos focusing on specific technical features that are found in ArtRage 4 and 4.5, but not any of the previous editions. Many of these features are easy to overlook, and will be appreciated by advanced users. If you are interested in learning about Gradient and Pattern Fill, stylus properties, Layer locks, Transform options, the Toolbox and Workbench, Symmetry, Grids, cloner tool, and other things, ...
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