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ArtRage Mobile Apps Christmas Sale!

Christmas Sale: ArtRage for Android and ArtRage for iPad   Pick up one of our full featured traditional painting apps cheap for your mobile device for Christmas!Artrage for iPad and Android FeaturesArtRage for iPad includes full support for the latest models of the most popular Bluetooth styluses (Adonit, Adobe, Pogo Connect and Wacom), as well as the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. ArtRage for Android fully supports the S Pen's tilt and sensitivity. You can also fingerpaint away in both apps!Both apps feature ...
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Comic Con Sale! ArtRage Mobile Editions

Crazy Comic Con Mobile Madness Super SaleSale has now ended, but you can still get these quality products for bargain prices...

What is the maximum canvas size in an ArtRage mobile app?

The canvas size in the ArtRage mobile editions is capped for memory reasons. These apps run on a wide range of devices, and many have very limited memory and processing power available. Canvas size is on of the most memory intensive features, so the app implements a maximum size.Maximum Canvas Sizes in the Mobile ArtRage AppsArtRage for iPhoneArtRage for iPad on iPad 1 devices ArtRage for iPad on iPad 2 and later, iPad Pro 9"ArtRage for iPad on iPad Pro 11"ArtRage ...

Why is ArtRage lagging? (About the stroke gap in ArtRage)

The 'stroke gap' resembles a lag when using ArtRage but is actually part of the realistic painting process Many new ArtRage users notice what appears to be lag when they first use the app. While ArtRage can lag when performing demanding operations, the 'stroke gap' is a consistent, non-performance related phenomenon. It is the possible area of effect for your next movement. It exists as an empty gap between the leading edge of a stroke, and your cursor, or the pressure point of ...

Canvas rotation in the ArtRage Mobile apps.

Why don't the mobile apps support canvas rotation?The ArtRage Mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows Touch) don't support canvas rotation (the ability to just turn the canvas around using fingers), but we added it as an option to the iPad app in 2015. This is because canvas rotation is memory intensive feature which isn't absolutely necessary, as it is possible to rotate the entire device. While we may consider adding this feature in the future, we will only add it if it ...
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