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ArtRage Now Supports the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

ArtRage for iPad now fully supports the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro! This long-awaited, and much-requested, update will allow you to draw using pressure and live tilt with the Apple Pencil, use the iOS9 Split Screen feature, paint on canvases up to 4096 x 4096 pixels with larger tools on the iPad Pro, and enjoy a range of request feature updates and fixes on all iPads running iOS8 and later.
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Replies to iTunes Reviews

ArtRage for iPad 2.0 was a pretty major update, and it came with few changes and, alas, a few bugs. We can't respond to reviews left on the iTunes App Store, but we've noticed that people are asking questions and reporting issues there, So we decided to answer them here and hope our answers are useful to somebody. Most of the problems have now been fixed, or will be fixed in the next update.

Can I transfer or get a refund for an app store purchase?

Can I get a refund? I don't want the app anymore.The Google Play Store allows you to refund your purchase automatically within the first fifteen minutes, and we can refund purchases if you have a problem with your product (although not if you just got bored with the app), but we are unable to directly refund purchases made through GALAXY Apps or iTunes. You will need to contact the individual store support directly.If you are having a specific issue with your ...
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Explore Creativity: ArtRage for iPad & iPhone Sale!

Explore Your Creativity: ArtRage for iPad and iPhone on Sale!The ArtRage iOS apps are 50% or more off, for a limited time as part of the App Store's Explore Your Creativity promotionThe Explore Your Creativity sale features a range of awesome discount deals of a bunch of related apps. It's a fantastic way to discover new apps without paying full price. And the ArtRage iOS apps have been featured as part of this promotion, which means that they're on sale!The ...

ArtRage for iPhone version history

ArtRage for iPhone App Incremental Update HistoryRelated LinksArtRage 4 version history ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro version history ArtRage 2 version historyArtRage for iPad version history What are the different ArtRage editions? ArtRage Supported Platforms & Devices iOS App Multitouch Gestures & ShortcutsArtRage for iPhone provides 8 painting and drawing tools with a set of variant types for a range of painted effects. The ArtRage painting simulation is still in there, letting you spread and blend thick oils, or bring out canvas textures with shading pencils, ...
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