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How to import photos into ArtRage for iPad

There are three different ways to import a photograph as paint to work on directly in the iPad app.1. Start a new painting from an imported photo.To do this, go to the Gallery view, click the '+' symbol in the top right, and choose 'Import Image'. This will automatically create a new image as close to the size of the imported image that ArtRage supports (the max size is 2048x2048).2. Import a photo into a layer in your current painting.Open the Layers menu, and tap ...

Reducing the amount of memory that ArtRage uses

How do I reduce the amount of memory my paintings use while painting?ArtRage is a very memory intensive program, due to the number of calculations involved in creating realistic paint, and the many options you can turn on while painting. If you find that ArtRage is slowing down significantly at larger sizes, there are a few things you can do to free up memory and speed up the painting process.Paint at a smaller canvas size Reduce the number of layers (for example, ...

iPad will not paint and shows an eye symbol

Eye Symbol - Hidden Layer If you are seeing strange eye or "sickle" symbol in the middle of your screen and are unable to paint, then you are trying to paint on a hidden layer. You can “unhide” or delete this layer, or select a different layer by going to the Layers menu down the bottom. Look for the layer you are currently on (it will be highlighted in green) and tap the little oval symbol next to the canvas preview.