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How to clear out parked apps and restart on iOS devices

iOS Device Tips ArtRage is a processor intensive app that does a lot of work behind the scenes to generate realistic paint effects. This means that it is sensitive to situations where your iPad is using processor time on other tasks. In addition, if the OS detects that memory is low when you are using an app it may shut that app down without warning.If you are experiencing any speed issues or crashing when using ArtRage for iPad or iPhone, it may ...

Memory Warning for iPad

The Memory Warning icon has been included to help with users who have experienced crashes in the application. After testing and collaboration with beta users, it appears that most of the crashes that have been experienced since 1.0.3 are due to the iPad running out of memory and closing the application as a result.The memory warning icon indicates that the OS has detected memory is low. That does not necessarily mean that the app is about to be shut down, rather ...

Strange problems when using ArtRage for iPad

iPad App ProblemsAlmost all problems in the iPad app are caused by low memory. If you are seeing strange behaviour, crashes, error messages, problems exporting, problems drawing, and other difficulties on the iPad App, then you should first try closing all your parked apps.If you do not know how to do this, then there are instructions here for the different iOS versions: How to clear out your parked apps

Reducing the amount of memory that ArtRage uses

How do I reduce the amount of memory my paintings use while painting?ArtRage is a very memory intensive program, due to the number of calculations involved in creating realistic paint, and the many options you can turn on while painting. If you find that ArtRage is slowing down significantly at larger sizes, there are a few things you can do to free up memory and speed up the painting process.Paint at a smaller canvas size Reduce the number of layers (for example, ...